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 by Fifi B, LPN, 2019

I was LPN student at Medical Learning center recently graduated and passed the NCLEX on my first attempt. I can’t express how happy I am. I will tell whoever wants go to school that I am the witness that working hard will pay off. I will say if you work hard you will do anything as mom of 4 kids and working part time job if I did it why not everyone else? The only thing you should know is why your need to go back to school to change your lifestyle. This school has a very reasonable price and it’s weekends classes which were very perfect for me. So, I will encourage anyone who’s wants go back school Medical Learning Center is the right school.
This is my testimony. Good luck!

 by Senait Abay, LPN, 2019

I was a former CNA student at Medical Learning Center and I joined the LPN program when they start in 2017, now I passed NCLEX on my first attempt. The weekend class was suitable for me and the tuition fee was affordable compared to other Nursing Schools. Although the program was very challenging, as long as you work hard you can achieve your goal. The management and instructors were supportive especially when they see you working hard. I would like to thank everyone who helped me achieve my goal.

 by Firehiwot Negash, LPN, 2019

I've graduated from this school in the LPN program and passed the NCLEX exam in the first attempt. This school effectively supports students with learning differences, the small class sizes make a positive difference when it comes to individualized attention, when student need extra help, the teachers are able to give that extra push. Teachers at this school are effective and respectful towards the students which I find extremely important. It is a great affordable school and recommend to someone interested to pursue a career in the healthcare system. Persistence and hard work ethic are highly expected to succeed in the program.

 by Paulina Bawa, LPN, 2019

l graduated and passed on my first try with 85 questions on NCLEX and currently working as an LPN and making better money of course. Enrolling as a student in the LPN program was the best decision made and MLC is the best choice with its weekend classes, flexible payment plan,
conducive atmosphere for learning, a library equipped with relevant books, lecturers who make learning fun and memorable and who are ever ready to help you even after school, friendly and serious students and an administer who aims to have her students pass their NCLEX. Guess what, l am prof!

 by T Kim, LPN, 2015

"Medical Learning Center is well-organized and informative school. There is a large amount of work involved in the course, but this should be expected for any nursing programs. I enjoyed the teachers, course material, and clinical. It properly prepared me to work as an LPN, I highly recommend for anyone looking for a nursing program. There is opportunity , you just have to make it."

 by Yared Melebo, LPN, 2009

"I decided to begin LPN program as a break through career while I was doing my prerequisites at Northern Virginia Community college for RN program. I selected Medical Learning Center for my goals. I finished the course in one year and passed NCLEX-PN in first attempt. Now I am working at Mount Vernon Nursing and Rehab Center as LPN and studying for BSN program. I am proud to be LPN graduate from Medical Learning Center which i believe one of the best LPN schools in the area. The knowledge and confidence I gained from the program serving me well. The program was very well-rounded and the staff was supportive. The instructors and staff were dedicated to my success and were available to give extra help when needed. I would like to thank Medical Learning Centrer and its entire staff who made difference in my life."

 by Peter Clunie, LPN, 2013

"Administrator: The Administrator was excellent! She set very high standards for conduct and student performance. If you stick to her principles you will succeed.
Director of Nursing: She provided solid academic guidance during the program. Class Room Experience: The classroom experience was excellent and included a mixture of lecture and lab. provided exposure to the procedures and process a student will encounter during clinicals. Instructors: The instructors were really good. They brought practical examples from their work experience to explain the concepts. Clinical experience: I really enjoyed my clinical rotations which included hands-on experience with actual patients. The instruction in the clinical phase was very disciplined and procedural, but also enabled me to apply critical thinking skills. NCLEX: The NCLEX preparation was excellent! There was lots of testing and assessment of my readiness to take the NCLEX. This was combined with my own individual study and I passed the NCLEX the first time!
Other: I would highly recommend the Medical Learning Center! They have convenient weekend classes and a payment plan, which was very helpful."

 by Amrita Acharya, LPN, 2010

"Medical Learning Center has been an integral part of my professional career. After I completed CNA course and started working. I was impressed by the practical-based teaching technique which boosted my confidence in my daily job responsibilities. Since then, I have completed my LPN course and I am looking forward for my RN course. Currently I am working at Virgina Hospital Center medical building. The greatness of the institute starts with an experienced, respectful and knowledgeable administrator. Likewise the instructors and other staff members are qualified, educated and supportive. The lecture, discussion and other curricular activities helped me clear board exam (NCLEX). I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and best wishes in their future endeavors. Thank you MLC."

 by Patricia Martos, LPN, 2014

"My educational experience at Medical Learning Center, for the past two years, has been nothing short of amazing. The theoretical material and clinical 'hands-on' courses combined to strengthen my base of nursing knowledge. The material taught in class was challenging to learn but the professors were always encouraging and available if more help in understanding was needed. The reward came in many ways helping others, teaching patients, working with classmates and seeing accomplishment along the way. The preparation for the nursing state board examination was excellent. The administration and professors taught for success and I passed my board examination (NCLEX) on first try. It is a powerful feeling to have worked so hard and succeeded. As I apply all I have learned in a daily clinical setting, I am reminded that all I have accomplished was brought about by the dedication of the teaching staff and my inner, personal drive to succeed. Thank you, Medical Learning Center, for a rewarding learning experience and the confidence to move forward in my nursing career."

 by Juliette Siandjie, LPN, 2013

"I am very happy to express my feelings about Medical Learning Center and all the staff. I am really happy because I passed my NCLEX exam the first time. The administrator of Medical Learning Center was so great and held very high standards for student conduct and performance. The Director of Nursing Education was available for guidance during the program. The classroom instructors were well prepared and I enjoyed the classes and learned so much. My instructors informed me that a particular type of question would more than likely be on the NCLEX, it was true. My clinical experience during the clinical rotation felt like I was the LPN. I felt like i would be a good nurse. I would advise anyone who wants to be a nurse to attend Medical Learning Center. It is a good place to go to school and is affordable. The payment plan allowed me to work and go to school on the weekend."

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Basharal Qudrati
“I am a student at Medical Learning Center. This school is equipped with great learning environment, great instructors, good simulation lab. The instructors and administration are very willing to help students.

The curriculum is very challenging. Medical Learning Center is for those students who are focused, hardworking, and motivated to study, study and study.

Currently we are doing online classes for COVID-19 issues. It is also excellent and different way of teaching procedure. I really do enjoy through online classes.

Finally, I want to say Medical Learning Center is the best nursing school in VA. They will make you sure to get what it takes to be a good nurse. I would highly recommend it to everyone who is interested to become a Licensed Practice Nurse.”

Katya Bobrovskaya
“I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Medical Learning Center. The school was able to provide Zoom classes with PowerPoints and videos. So happy I found this school with wonderful educators.”

Maria Corotan
“The online class turned out to be a great success. Ms Vicky gave concise and clear presentation of the most important aspects for the topic and provided us home assignment to help us better focus our learning time. Towards the end of her presentation she allowed us time to clarify areas where we needed guidance. Everyone participated and were enthusiastic.

Most of us are reviewing for the NCLEX at our own time. For those who are currently staying home, this is a particularly good time to catch us on the reading. I am still working my usual Monday to Friday job but I try to set aside at least 2 hrs each day during the week to study NCLEX questions.The online class has effectively satisfied the school’s objective of having us continue on our course despite the current situation.
Thank you very much. And as I said, kudos to Ms Vicky. She is doing a marvelous job.”

Adwoa Saka
“Medical Learning Center recently started online classes which went well. Teacher was helpful and great and was truly a good experience that went smoothly and successfully.”

Ifeyinwa Ann
“Despite the pandemic, the school has made learning easier through online classes. the teachers made it seems like normal class leaning because we are not missing out on anything. The online classes is a good experience.”

Touria El Bahia
“During the corona pandemic, we had Med surge 2 online, it was the first experience to me to take online classes but it really was amazing, it just like you are in the classroom, with zoom application ,you can share your questions ,videos, you can do presentations…. and the teacher was very helpful and knowledgeable. I will strongly recommend online classes.”

Vanessa Dieguez
“As a student who is close to completing the program, I appreciate how quickly we were able to move class online due to covid-19. I am very happy with the transition and the teachers are doing their best to explain topics which I appreciate. The homework we are assigned also helps to understand the material and my classmates are always willing to answer questions as well. We are given many clear updates to what is expected and what we will be learning via email prior to class. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in furthering their career.”

Claudia Mendoza
“I am currently LPN student Program. Great professors. We still learning online and able to continue without program no stop with all this virus. Looking forward to graduation day. Dr. Safi is very professional.”

Edwin Lee
“The school has GREAT very knowledgeable teacher, the administrator is very nice and working very hard. The inside of school is very neat.
If I recommend to my co-workers if they are looking for the LPN school, I will definitely tell them that this school is the one that they will LOVE until they graduate. 5 STARS school~!!! woo hoo~!”

Rebecca Kabengele
“I really love this school and will recommend anyone interested in nursing school to check this out. I love the online class. The teacher really cares about the students.”

Regina Ampofua
“I joined the LPN class 3 months ago and l love the school so far. They are very well organized and always keep you updated with prompt communication. They swiftly transitioned to online tuition as soon as Covid-19 hit which was very helpful.
The office staff and tutors are very professional. I will recommend this school to anyone who is serious about furthering their education in the nursing profession.”