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 by Maria Garcia

The CNA program at Medical Learning Center is an excellent program. The staff is very professional. I highly recommend this School because they provided me with a great education that allowed me to pass the Board exam in my fist attempt.

 by Nazi Shahverdi

I took the CNA classes in this center over past two months. The teachers are knowledable and friendly also the clinical hours were such interesting experience? They helped me learn a lot and be happier to see myself as CNA.
Thank you all.

 by Maliwan Keereeratsakul

I had a great CNA class here. The teachers were the best. The time schedule is perfect for people who is work and wants to study on weekends.

 by Yenny Munoz

Medical Learning Center taught me a lot about CNA and prepared me for the board exam. The teachers were very helpful and thorough. I would recommend them to others who want to prepare for the CNA exam.

 by Stefanie Rowland

The Medical Learning Center has really given me all the skills necessary to succeed as a CNA. I was able to get great hands on experience. I really felt like the instructors cared about my success, and always made sure I understood the material. I passed my exams on the first try with flying colors.

 by Netsanet Gebre-Hiwot

I took a weekend class for two months at Medical Learning Center and found it very organized and comfortable for the students. They had access to computers, a student lounge and a library which I found very helpful. All of the materials were clear and organized. The teachers were hard-working and tried to accommodate everyone's level of English. They prepared us well in order to pass the state board exam. All of the school staff were respectful and welcoming. Overall, it was a peaceful and healthy learning environment.

 by Chinwe E., CNA

"Medical Learning Center taught me so much In such a little time I spent there. It's a place for the serious minded. If you are one the sky is your limit. They also do follow up on their graduates by sending job opportunities. I attended one of such and got a job right away. I am really happy I went there. It's really a good place to start your nursing carrier."

 by Mirtha Romero, CNA

"The CNA program at Medical Learning Center gave me the knowledge and skills to pass the Board Exam at my first attempt this year. The teachers are very professional and provided us with enough study materials to get the CNA certification."

 by Roxanne Luna, CNA

"The Medical Learning Center has been phenomenal and absolutely fantastic! I was a student here applying for the CNA program and the quality of the learning as well as the experience you get from fantastic professors who have been there and are willing to give up their precious time to share their wisdom to you is great! I learned, and am still learning, so many good things and things that are expected of me in this field of work, and i am proud to say that i passed the State Board Exam with only one try. Why? Because I asked questions on things I didn't understand and when I had a hard time, me and some of my peers were allowed to come on over and ask for some extra time with our professor and she was willing to give us some more extra help - its the effort that counts. I do not take things for granted, and this place really helped me out when I had nowhere else to really go to, so FIVE stars to this place for helping me get my foot into the right path. THANK YOU MLC!!!"

 by Rola Mourad, CNA

"The Medical Learning Center provided me with exactly what I needed: well-founded instruction on the field of nursing assistantship and a certificate of completion that enabled me to register for the CNA State Board Exam and pass both the written and skills portions with flying colors on the first attempt. Mind you, it was all done in a timely fashion. Running against deadlines for PA schools, I needed to begin securing hours of healthcare experience as soon as possible and it was an immense relief to know I could enroll in class immediately and make up for any missed material later in the session. Also, instruction was conducted wholly toward passing the board's written and skills sections...thumbs up: our instructor was a State Board Examiner with many tips to spare. If that weren't enough, I was even recommended to the HR director of a rehab center for a job interview where I currently work as a Certified Nursing Assistant. I am left with a positive experience overall, and if you are willing to keep your eyes on the prize while disregarding a few minor kinks that may or may not appear in the course of your stay in the Medical Learning Center, then you have come to the right place."

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