Rola Mourad, CNA

“The Medical Learning Center provided me with exactly what I needed: well-founded instruction on the field of nursing assistantship and a certificate of completion that enabled me to register for the CNA State Board Exam and pass both the written and skills portions with flying colors on the first attempt. Mind you, it was all done in a timely fashion. Running against deadlines for PA schools, I needed to begin securing hours of healthcare experience as soon as possible and it was an immense relief to know I could enroll in class immediately and make up for any missed material later in the session. Also, instruction was conducted wholly toward passing the board’s written and skills sections…thumbs up: our instructor was a State Board Examiner with many tips to spare. If that weren’t enough, I was even recommended to the HR director of a rehab center for a job interview where I currently work as a Certified Nursing Assistant. I am left with a positive experience overall, and if you are willing to keep your eyes on the prize while disregarding a few minor kinks that may or may not appear in the course of your stay in the Medical Learning Center, then you have come to the right place.”

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Patricia Martos, LPN

“My educational experience at Medical Learning Center, for the past two years, has been nothing short of amazing. The theoretical material and clinical ‘hands-on’ courses combined to strengthen my base of nursing knowledge. The material taught in class was challenging to learn but the professors were always encouraging and available if more help in understanding was needed. The reward came in many ways helping others, teaching patients, working with classmates and seeing accomplishment along the way. the preparation for the nursing state board examination was excellent. The administration and professors taught for success and I passed my board examination (NCLEX) on first try. It is a powerful feeling to have worked so hard and succeeded. As I apply all I have learned in a daily clinical settings. I am reminded that all I have accomplished was brought about by the dedication of the teaching staff and my inner, personal drive to succeed. Thank you, Medical Learning Center, for a rewarding learning experience and the confidence to move forward in my nursing career.”

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