Medical Learning Center Inc. was established in November 2000 with a vision to provide quality education in health care. The allied health programs offered were: Medical Assistant, Dental Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, and Phlebotomy. MLC currently offers: Practical Nurse, Medication Aide and Nurse Aide programs. MLC had since graduated thousands of students, some from the allied health programs and many more from the nursing programs.



To mission is to provide quality education that is designed to prepare competent students of all walks of life for specific healthcare professional fields.  Graduates will be prepared to succeed in their licensure / certification examinations and enter the rewarding / dynamic fields of Nursing.

The Medical Learning Center inspires graduates to provide high quality compassionate healthcare at a level that meets the needs of individuals, families, and communities in a variety of settings.



Education is one of the most important assets that adult acquire during lifetime. Learning is a continuous process especially in this rapidly changing healthcare enviroment. Each student is a unique individual who wishes to reach his/her own, professional, and academic potential in life. Medical Learning Center embraces this change, adjusts our teaching strategies and strives to give the best possible support to our students in achieving this important benchmark in their life. MLC’s programs are designed to prepare the students to function safely, efficiently and to be ready for a variety of healthcare positions in their respective fields. MLC’s graduates can seek employment in settings such as: nursing homes, retirement communities, urgent care clinics, doctor’s offices, hospitals, and private duty etc.



Medical Learning Center provides high quality education/training in order to promote the maintenance of health and the management of illness and disease for clients within the healthcare delivery system. Provide the highest quality of comprehensive clinical experiences in a variety of healthcare settings. Graduate dependable, responsible, and competent students who are accountable for their personal and professional growth.


  • Provide highest quality didactic education in the science and practice of nursing, as well as the best possible comprehensive clinical experiences for our students.
  • Utilize a variety of creative/innovative teaching strategies that will meet the individual and varied learning needs of a culturally diverse student population.
  • Assist students to learn the necessary critical thinking and clinical nursing skills to provide patient-centered, safe and effective nursing care.
  • Educate students to utilize the nursing process, legal and ethical guidelines to deliver quality nursing care in a culturally competent, responsible and non-judgmental manner.
  • Set expectations for our students to demonstrate competence, accountability and professionalism in a variety of roles and settings that reflect the healthcare needs of diverse populations.
  • Utilize decision making process to determine the scope and limits to practice within bounds of the Virginia Nurse Practice Act.
  • By our example, help students to embrace learning as a life-long activity to provide the highest quality of care and to reach their own potential.


Julia Garma, RN, BSN

Interim Director Nursing Education

Patricia Funcherss, Faculty


Catherine Deleon, Faculty


Larisa Kauta, Faculty


Vicky Malik, Faculty


Leonora Javier, Faculty


ERICKA Jones, Faculty