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by Firehiwot Negash, LPN, 2019 on Medical Learning Center

I've graduated from this school in the LPN program and passed the NCLEX exam in the first attempt. This school effectively supports students with learning differences, the small class sizes make a positive difference when it comes to individualized attention, when student need extra help, the teachers are able to give that extra push. Teachers at this school are effective and respectful towards the students which I find extremely important. It is a great affordable school and recommend to someone interested to pursue a career in the healthcare system. Persistence and hard work ethic are highly expected to succeed in the program.

by Paulina Bawa, LPN, 2019 on Medical Learning Center

l graduated and passed on my first try with 85 questions on NCLEX and currently working as an LPN and making better money of course. Enrolling as a student in the LPN program was the best decision made and MLC is the best choice with its weekend classes, flexible payment plan,
conducive atmosphere for learning, a library equipped with relevant books, lecturers who make learning fun and memorable and who are ever ready to help you even after school, friendly and serious students and an administer who aims to have her students pass their NCLEX. Guess what, l am prof!

by T Kim, LPN, 2015 on Medical Learning Center

"Medical Learning Center is well-organized and informative school. There is a large amount of work involved in the course, but this should be expected for any nursing programs. I enjoyed the teachers, course material, and clinical. It properly prepared me to work as an LPN, I highly recommend for anyone looking for a nursing program. There is opportunity , you just have to make it."

by Yared Melebo, LPN, 2009 on Medical Learning Center

"I decided to begin LPN program as a break through career while I was doing my prerequisites at Northern Virginia Community college for RN program. I selected Medical Learning Center for my goals. I finished the course in one year and passed NCLEX-PN in first attempt. Now I am working at Mount Vernon Nursing and Rehab Center as LPN and studying for BSN program. I am proud to be LPN graduate from Medical Learning Center which i believe one of the best LPN schools in the area. The knowledge and confidence I gained from the program serving me well. The program was very well-rounded and the staff was supportive. The instructors and staff were dedicated to my success and were available to give extra help when needed. I would like to thank Medical Learning Centrer and its entire staff who made difference in my life."

by Peter Clunie, LPN, 2013 on Medical Learning Center

"Administrator: The Administrator was excellent! She set very high standards for conduct and student performance. If you stick to her principles you will succeed.
Director of Nursing: She provided solid academic guidance during the program. Class Room Experience: The classroom experience was excellent and included a mixture of lecture and lab. provided exposure to the procedures and process a student will encounter during clinicals. Instructors: The instructors were really good. They brought practical examples from their work experience to explain the concepts. Clinical experience: I really enjoyed my clinical rotations which included hands-on experience with actual patients. The instruction in the clinical phase was very disciplined and procedural, but also enabled me to apply critical thinking skills. NCLEX: The NCLEX preparation was excellent! There was lots of testing and assessment of my readiness to take the NCLEX. This was combined with my own individual study and I passed the NCLEX the first time!
Other: I would highly recommend the Medical Learning Center! They have convenient weekend classes and a payment plan, which was very helpful."

by Amrita Acharya, LPN, 2010 on Medical Learning Center

"Medical Learning Center has been an integral part of my professional career. After I completed CNA course and started working. I was impressed by the practical-based teaching technique which boosted my confidence in my daily job responsibilities. Since then, I have completed my LPN course and I am looking forward for my RN course. Currently I am working at Virgina Hospital Center medical building. The greatness of the institute starts with an experienced, respectful and knowledgeable administrator. Likewise the instructors and other staff members are qualified, educated and supportive. The lecture, discussion and other curricular activities helped me clear board exam (NCLEX). I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and best wishes in their future endeavors. Thank you MLC."

by Patricia Martos, LPN, 2014 on Medical Learning Center

"My educational experience at Medical Learning Center, for the past two years, has been nothing short of amazing. The theoretical material and clinical 'hands-on' courses combined to strengthen my base of nursing knowledge. The material taught in class was challenging to learn but the professors were always encouraging and available if more help in understanding was needed. The reward came in many ways helping others, teaching patients, working with classmates and seeing accomplishment along the way. The preparation for the nursing state board examination was excellent. The administration and professors taught for success and I passed my board examination (NCLEX) on first try. It is a powerful feeling to have worked so hard and succeeded. As I apply all I have learned in a daily clinical setting, I am reminded that all I have accomplished was brought about by the dedication of the teaching staff and my inner, personal drive to succeed. Thank you, Medical Learning Center, for a rewarding learning experience and the confidence to move forward in my nursing career."

by Juliette Siandjie, LPN, 2013 on Medical Learning Center

"I am very happy to express my feelings about Medical Learning Center and all the staff. I am really happy because I passed my NCLEX exam the first time. The administrator of Medical Learning Center was so great and held very high standards for student conduct and performance. The Director of Nursing Education was available for guidance during the program. The classroom instructors were well prepared and I enjoyed the classes and learned so much. My instructors informed me that a particular type of question would more than likely be on the NCLEX, it was true. My clinical experience during the clinical rotation felt like I was the LPN. I felt like i would be a good nurse. I would advise anyone who wants to be a nurse to attend Medical Learning Center. It is a good place to go to school and is affordable. The payment plan allowed me to work and go to school on the weekend."

by Bazarsad Tsendayush, LPN, 2014 on Medical Learning Center

"I recently graduated from Medical Learning Center LPN class. Weekend class allowed me study while I was working. MLC has good education system for LPN and a flexible payment plan. All instructors are very professional and friendly. In the clinical rotation, I have learned several important key characteristics and roles of being a nurse. Most important of them was learning the basic nursing skills to have critical thinking centered on safety and effective care of the patients. As soon as I finished my LPN class MLC suggested me a review class that class was helpful for me and I was ready to take the NCLEX exam. I'm so happy that I passed NCLEX exam on my first attempt. Best of regards and Gratitude for MLC staff and all instructors!"

by Germaine Ayivi, LPN, 2013 on Medical Learning Center

"Its a great pleasure for me to express my appreciation for the professional team, at MLC (Medical Learning Center) Four years ago, I had planned to attend PN program, but I had a hard time finding a good school that will fit both my; schedule and finances. One day I was reading the express magazine and found out about MLC, which met my needs. The administrator was very understanding and gave me a chance with an affordable payment plan which allowed me to start that PN program. The Administrator was very knowledgeable and made sure that the students maintain a high standard of conduct and performance and wanted everyone to succeed. The DON ( Director Of Nursing) was very professional and organized. During clinical experience, the clinical instructors made sure we get the real life experience in nursing care. They instruct us to learn current medications that appeared in the NCLEX. I just passed my NCLEX first time and would like to continue my education in the nursing field. If anyone listens to the advises, studies the materials presented and follows the school rules/regulations, the success is guaranteed. I thank everyone who have contributed in helping me to reach my goal in becoming an LPN."

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Sandra Gonzalez
“I’m a current student at Medical Learning Center. I am currently taking LPN classes and everything is great. I love all the staff they always know how to help they’re very professional in their duties. I would highly recommend this school to anybody who is considering taking LPN or CNA courses. It really is the best place to learn.”

Fifi B
“Medical learning Center is one of the best place having your dream come true. Mostly for people who want a career change to medical field, busy people who can take care their family for hard-working person who have an interest in the medical field.
It is one of the best program in the area LPN .the price is very affordable compared to other similar ; the class meet at the weekend , The teachers are very experienced knowledgeable and helpful for every topic you get specialist on the field able to explain in depth both theoretically and practical.”

Betty Yitagesu
“I am currently enrolled in Medical learning center for the LPN program. I am very happy with the school the teachers are knowledgeable about what they teach and the staff is very helpful. I would recommend for anyone whose serious about their education and would like to pursue their nursing career this is the place to go. The price is very affordable and the schedule is flexible.”

Badri Madhuri Adhikari
“I am a current LPN student. Teachers are knowledgeable and helpful. Hoping to sit for the board exam and go to the real world soon.”

Firehiwot negash
“I’m currently a student in the LPN program. This school effectively supports students with learning differences, the small class sizes make a positive difference when it comes to individualized attention, when student need extra help, the teachers are able to give that extra push. Teachers at this school are effective. and respectful towards the students which I find extremely important.”

Ritu Manocha
“I am currently a student at Medical Learning Center. I am taking the LPN Program. The Instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful. The class atmosphere is very energetic and encouraging. The center is very organized and comfortable for the students. Also the schedule for classes is perfect for people who are working or have a baby. They can take weekends classes. I am really excited to looking forward to finish my LPN Program & become a nurse. Thanks to MLC.”

V Belisario
“I am currently a student in the LPN program at Medical Learning Center. Teachers are knowledgeable and accommodating. My classmates are very supportive of each other. It’s a lot of hard work, and I am very happy to be in this program.”

Jennifer Selim
“I am a current Lpn student at Medical Learning Center. The Instructors are extremely knowledgeable and are always willing to help when asked. I am a busy mother and hold a part time job and because of MLC’s flexible weekend schedule, I am able to further my education and be a step closer to reaching my goals.”

“I requested information via an online form on the school’s website. I received a call back from the school, and was able to talk about the LPN program requirements. I was given a date to tour the school, receive the program information, and what would be needed to start the program. The Administrator was very nice and helpful as she explained the steps I needed to take to be enrolled in the PN program, and within the week I was able to take my entrance exam. I also attended an Orientation. The teacher and the Director of Nursing are all very nice and I can tell they want us all to be the best we can be. I am looking forward to start the class, and know that I will have the support to succeed.”

Pattama Pooplub
“I’m current student. I enjoy the class and learn a lot of things so far. The instructor is very knowledgeable and attentive. The class is lively and we always have activities in the class.”

Linda Rouse
“I am currently a student in the Practical Nurse Program at Medical Learning Center. I am really enjoying the classes. The instructors are very good and the atmosphere is positive and encouraging.
It is a lot of reading which is to be expected in any nursing school.
I have always wanted to become a nurse, and I am looking forward to the months ahead!”

Paulina Bawa
“I am a current student in the LPN programme. MLC is the best choice l ever made.
It has a conducive atmosphere for learning, a library equiped with relevent books, lecturers who make learning fun and memorable and who are ever ready to help you even after school, friendly and serious students and an administer who aims to have her students pass their NCLEX. I love my school!”

Aung Thu
“I love MLC.It is great LPN School and the students seem to be nice to each other.The teachers are great and good job of teaching. Overall MLC is a great,amazing LPN school.The instructors are always there to help whenever there is a challenge.”

Minakshi Das
“I am current LPN student. The instructors of MLC is very knowledgeable & the atmosphere is very positive .”

DJ Bueno
“I made the best decision to enroll the PN program at MLC. I highly recommend the school to anyone interested in the PN program.”